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Turbo’s are evil things!


For years and years ive obsessed over modified cars, mostly of the japanese variety, yet I still appreciate the occasional german automobile.

I’m 19 years old and beginning to look at the reality and expenses of owning a turbo charged street machine! insurance will set me back 2000 a year with a 1700 excess, not to mention 22 mpg fuel consumption as well as general maintenance costs.

All that aside the love affair still continues! I’m always entranced when I see a smooth gliding skyline drives past, or a grunting WRX, or a supra spooling up it’s turbo’s then barreling down the street.

Examples of violation so to speak, can be drawn from what we call “Ricers”. a ‘ricer’ car can refer to a car that has been excessively modified, or can refer to a car that’s exterior brags more than what the performance can live up to. Examples include stock Lancers made to look like Evo’s, or subaru impreza’s with hood scoops made to look like WRX’s, or even Nissan skyline GTS-T’s given GTR badges.

Perhaps overdone a tad?

Perhaps overdone a tad?

Oh my god, Fast and Furious came out a few weeks ago. I saw it two days in a row at the movies and have now downloaded the movie on my computer! I can’t get enough of the cars and the racing!

Have a look at this! Nissan newest and fastest model, the new GT-R rivals the mighty Porsche GT2. For those of you that know little about cars, a GT2 will cost approximately 3-4 times what an GTR will cost! Hence why they are so freaking cool!

Have a look at what this blog has to say about it!

GTR Vs Porsche

Going back to insurance, after shopping around for ever, trying to find the cheapest insurance. I found Just Car Insurance. Just car is specifically aimed at making insurance affordable for younger drivers like myself. I also found that their adverts were cleverly aimed at the modified car world

Check it out! Just Car Insurance TV Commercial