Production Assignment A – Rationale


For my Production A assignment I chose to create an online exhibition about photo editing and hoaxes; a topic I feel should be more widely speculated to it’s target viewers. Also I wanted to create a website that would have a fairly simple layout to make my content as best available to the viewers as possible.

In creating my exhibition I decided to create a google website to present my content. To come to this conclusion, I had actually previously set out to present my content in a wordpress blog, however I felt it didn’t produce the same effect. Blog’s seem to have a more informal approach and are more appropriate for diary entries, personal thoughts and journaling. Also, the layout of having a blog restricted me from creating navigational tools. Instead I found I could only make the content visible through one long blob of information, rather than being able to split it up and categorize it. On my google site however, I was able to make a navigation page, one which had topic links accompanied with photo’s directing to separate pages of information. This I believe works far better for a busy viewer as they are able to quickly jump to a section or page that interests them.

For my google site I used a fairly bland color scheme that I believe will work effectively to help viewers focus on the key images and their corresponding pages. I also experimented viewing my exhibition through a number of different devices. Firstly I used my personal 24inch i-Mac screen in which I completed a lot of the work, then a standard PC, then I even tried viewing it through the Wi-Fi connection on my friends i-phone. All of which had different screen sizes, yet all allowed easy navigation through my exhibition as well as fast uploading time.

The size of my collection meant that I had to organize the content over a number of separate pages and use some of the online tools available. I decided to make my home page into a navigation point. To do this I used titled links and created separate pages that would direct viewers to pages of their choice rather than to read through all the content on one page or having to scroll through it as they would have done in a blog. Also organizing my many photos to fit neatly on the pages was a challenge. The most useful tool I used to overcome this was the use of ‘tables’ that google site offers. These created boxes in which pictures could be easily inserted and text captions could be written below.

Through presenting the content itself, to make it more important and more readily received to its viewers I was able to include similar work and examples to demonstrate my point of view. Also I used a convention and layout to separate my own exhibition from similar works in the field. Whilst some others followed a basic scrolling layout, and while others used a table of contents, I chose to create a navigational home page, using topic photographs from my actual content to present my different categories. Another major aspect I included in the content itself was my own personal photography work, rather than solely speculating on the work previously done by others.

To view my Online Exhibition go to http://sites.google.com/site/photoshophoaxs/Home




A great film medium I have just reacquainted my self with! I thought i’d add it to my blog. For those of you who don’t know, Stock Motion is a popular form of animation done by taking 100’s even 1000’s of still images and adding them to video time  line. Claymation is an example of stock motion. Wallace and Gromit is probably one of the most reknown claymation around!  Below is probably one of the best examples of stock motion amateur film makers have to offer!

Below is a stock motion film of my own. My very first one made back in 2006 – Enjoy!


Carving Up The World


This week’s topic, Carving up the world. I like to think of it as carving it into little pieces, which for the most part is true. It refers to anything really. Anything with a diverse structure, diverse enough to carve it together over time. It talks about different conventions such as the way in which we do things now as our default option, comapared to another place and another time in history. It also refers to patterns, whether it be of our behaviour, or our interests.

Google Trends is one example that provides us with a sort of data visualisation for changing patterns.

viz[7]Google Trends Search Curve for 'Swine Flu'

As you can see from the data visualisation the google search results of Swine Flu has recent pattern that has changed our behaviours interms of our use of search engines and what it is we want to find more about.


Hoaxes, Mind Boggles and Controversey courtesy of Adobe Photoshop


Like so many others I am impressed by images and manipulations which blur our perspective on realism. Using simple photoshop skills you can make all sorts of weird and wonderful creations. For example I may take two identical photos, splice them together and have two of myself in the one picture. Impossible? According to the laws of science it is impossible for me to be in any two places at the one time. Photo manipulation ignores this, and allows me to produce what’s seen below..


Has there ever been a human born with two heads? We’ve all heard of Siamese twins, we’ve heard of limbless new borns, we’ve heard of dwarfism, you name it! I’m sure a man with two torso’s must have come up at some point?!

"Life is tough, but working together makes my (our life possible)"

"Life is tough, but working together makes my (our) life possible"

Okay so you’ve seen a few of my “Kill some time make a crazy looking photo” photos, however there have been photographic hoaxes used to a much greater extent that have created enormous speculation around the world. Below is a photograph of a man standing on top of one of the twin towers on the date of 9/11 in his “seemingly” final moments. It seems to capture everything, the plane was skillfully cropped and placed in the photo. The photo even shows the correct actual flight path of the plane as it veers left of the River.


However as one would imagine, questions started to arise. “How on earth could the camera have survived the destruction?” “How could the man or the camera man not hear the plane approaching”?

Eventually the creater of the image came forward and claimed the image as a hoax, and was originally created and sent to a friend as a joke. Amazingly this “joke” aka photoshop hoax became a widely speculated emotional touch stone for those who suffered from the aftermath of 9/11.

This tourist in the beanie not only showed up on the top of the world trade center, he started popping up everywhere!

That "unlucky tourist" also featured in the blockbuster hit "Speed"

That "unlucky tourist" also featured in the blockbuster hit "Speed"

He also witnessed JFK's assaination

He also witnessed JFK's assaination

By god he's even been in his final moments twice, this time in the hands of a roaring godzilla!

By god he's even been in his final moments twice, this time in the hands of a roaring godzilla!

After the image was recognised as being a hoax, immidiately parodies started arising! People just wanted to be creative in taking a widely speculated image and editiing it further to add further element of humor. This idea of mass circulation of virals to get recognition over the world wide web has also become a huge online business.


API’s & Mashup’s and Pipes and … all that


I say. I thought i had this subject figured after being able to understand the basics of writing codec, now we’ve got things called pipes and API’s. API’s refers to Application Programming Interface. They are are really about sharing data and functionality that way software and interfaces can be used by others in ways we might have never thought possible. Api’s are essentially the building blocks behind programming.

Here’s what’s called an ‘API playground‘ on google

Google's API's

Google's API's

This list’s all the API’s google uses for each of it’s websites such as if you click on the drop down list for youtube it has API’s and structures such as ‘simple embed’, ‘resize player’, as well as being able to customize the appearence of your very own youtube video player. Have a look at this google video made by the google developers.


First few weeks in Networked Media production


First of all, i’d like to say that I felt somewhat intimidated when I wandered into my first workshop. I had enrolled about a week late and was confronted by stacks of would be “computer genius’s”. Well I use a computer, I edit video and play around with photo’s, but I’ve never made codec or written html, I thought that sort of thing would be way beyond myself. Turns out it wasn’t that difficult after all. All it is was simple codec for structuring webpages, with plenty of cheat sheets available on the web to tell you what codec to use. 

I’ve also started my own blog as part my assessment. Once I started my own blog I surfed around for a while, found some other blogs that interested me. Also  it’s really … well… almost scary to find so many strangers with such enormous levels of honesty when writing blogs. People write about their thoughts, plans, lives and what their interested in into a silent computer. Almost as thought the thought of being watched isn’t there. In all fairness we’d all agree that it would be crazy to yell your personal thoughts out to the world on top of a huge building where everybody can see you. However writing a blog gives you that power, only more power, you can reach out to thousands, maybe even millions! Ofcourse, reaching out to millions isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I might be selective about what I write about.


Ahoy hoy


Hey! let me begin my introducing myself, my name is Edwin and this is the blog I have created as part of my networked media production unit. I’ve decided to incorporate a few of my interests into this blog, most of which are unique, and unavailable elsewhere. I’ve also surfed around a bit, i’ve subcribed to a few blogs that interest me and that could inspire me with further ideas to develop my own blog. On the topic of media production, I’d like to one day get a job working with film, more specifically in film editing. When I’m editing film I feel as though hours can go by like minutes, I just get so immersed in what i’m creating. I also have various youtube video’s of mine that I will upload for all to see in due course!