Turbo’s are evil things!


For years and years ive obsessed over modified cars, mostly of the japanese variety, yet I still appreciate the occasional german automobile.

I’m 19 years old and beginning to look at the reality and expenses of owning a turbo charged street machine! insurance will set me back 2000 a year with a 1700 excess, not to mention 22 mpg fuel consumption as well as general maintenance costs.

All that aside the love affair still continues! I’m always entranced when I see a smooth gliding skyline drives past, or a grunting WRX, or a supra spooling up it’s turbo’s then barreling down the street.

Examples of violation so to speak, can be drawn from what we call “Ricers”. a ‘ricer’ car can refer to a car that has been excessively modified, or can refer to a car that’s exterior brags more than what the performance can live up to. Examples include stock Lancers made to look like Evo’s, or subaru impreza’s with hood scoops made to look like WRX’s, or even Nissan skyline GTS-T’s given GTR badges.

Perhaps overdone a tad?

Perhaps overdone a tad?

Oh my god, Fast and Furious came out a few weeks ago. I saw it two days in a row at the movies and have now downloaded the movie on my computer! I can’t get enough of the cars and the racing!

Have a look at this! Nissan newest and fastest model, the new GT-R rivals the mighty Porsche GT2. For those of you that know little about cars, a GT2 will cost approximately 3-4 times what an GTR will cost! Hence why they are so freaking cool!

Have a look at what this blog has to say about it!

GTR Vs Porsche

Going back to insurance, after shopping around for ever, trying to find the cheapest insurance. I found Just Car Insurance. Just car is specifically aimed at making insurance affordable for younger drivers like myself. I also found that their adverts were cleverly aimed at the modified car world

Check it out! Just Car Insurance TV Commercial



  1. correct me if im wrong, but the new GT-R is in fact NOT titled a skyline, and is definately not the R35.

    and also, its the GT-R V-Spec II that is the model that rivals the GT2.

    and can i add another thing, if jap cars are so great, then why is there only 1 jap car in the top 10 fastest lap times around the nurburgring?

    • Yeah nah your right, i actually hadn’t realized the 2010 model had even been released so i assumed it was the R35. But even though its not titled a skyline, GT-R needless to say is one. It’s like how the Mazda Mx-5 is also known as the Mazda Miata. The only reason they don’t title it the skyline is because it’s done away with the trade mark engineering in the previous models such as the HICAS four wheel steering, and now it’s now got a different transmission etc

      And 80,000 $ japanese cars will obviously struggle to compete with European Super cars worth about half a million each or more. Besides, Nissan are really the only asian car company producing quality. track cars, Mitsubishi and Subaru have the EVO and the STI which dominate the world of Rally. The point I was trying to make is that GTR’s are about 4 times cheaper than european cars, not to mention more reliable hence I think their great for that reason.

      • Here’s an interesting point for you. I would assume that you already know about this though, but alot of the GT-Rs are getting warranty claims made for their gearboxes.

        My point being that they are definately not more reliable than any european car. In fact, the GT-R pretty much shits itself after a few laps of the Nurburgring, whereas the GT2 is well known for being able to lap the ring day in day out with no problems except for tyre wear and fuel consumption.

        Not to mention that the european cars look a hell of a lot better. but this is just a matter of opinion obviously

  2. Yeah I read about the new transmission problems, but that’s likely to happen with any new technology, it takes time to iron out the kinks. Besides, if your raving about german cars, why are Volkswagon so re known for inconsistent quality of their cars? In terms of reliability some are fantastic, others are pure disgrace.

    Considering Porsche have had winning track cars for about 50 years or more, they’ve been able ‘iron out the kinks’ so to speak and develop their already genius technology over time, not neccesarily in a cost effective way though. I’m sure the extra 380,000 you’d pay for a GT2 would more than cover a bomb proof transmission. And I dunno what you mean about the GTR ‘shitting’ itself after a few laps other than the transmission problem we’ve just talked about…

    In terms of european cars looking better, don’t get me wrong a lot of them are beautiful, but you certainly pay for it. And the love affair soon ends when your mechanical bills for maintenance and replacement parts come rolling in, not that it’s usually a concern for those who can afford to drive them lol but still 😉 I’m mostly an import fan, I prefer to read about cars I might actually own one day 😛 But for now i cruise around in a VT calais lol, what about you what do u drive?

    • why wouldn’t you be able to afford a mercedes benz or bmw one day? i mean, you can pick them up for $40k second hand and all.

      and me, i drive a BA XR6.

      and don’t get me wrong, im not only into european cars, i love australian and american cars too.

  3. haha nah i’m sure i could, but not nurburgring cars unless im get an executive job somewhere lol

    • that’s the plan 😛

  4. […] Turbo’s are evil things! […]

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