Data Data everywhere so lets all have a look


Visual data is an amazing and hugley diverse tool. This week’s lecture looked at some basic factors to consider when looking at data. These were scale, shape, movement, color, and position. By using any one or even a combination of these we are able to differenciate between different elements of data.

Heatmap webpage visualisation

Heatmap webpage visualisation

Above is a clever example of how useful data visualisations can really be. This visualisation shows hot spots on the website to indicate where people have clicked the most, obviously with blue being ‘cooler’ less clicked spots on the webpage and the orange sections being the ‘warmer’ more frequently clicked on areas. In terms of it’s use it’s argubly just a pretty way to show data, or a neat way of decorating the page. It uses scale and color to indicate the popular topics in the lists, but also from a design point of view, it could be useful to look at when designing where to put toolbars, links, headings etc when designing a webpage.


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