Multiplicity in essential terms makes the internet possible. It creates, retains, and draws information together from potentially millions of different sources. This allows the internet and its sites to have more information than any one person or source could make available on its own.

One example is iTunes music store, and the way it allows its members to make online music purchases. Not only this it retains every little piece of information. It creates a purchase history, it makes general recommendations based on a rating system, it even makes personal recommendations based on a tool called “genius”.

Genius works when a selected song is then rated and put into a category, this maybe based on catagory or genre, and also by artist. When using Genius on the iTunes music store it makes song recommendation based on your purchase history and based on your current music library, however it will never recommend a song which you currently have. From a marketing point of it’s helping you to find and discover more music you like, and therefor spend more.

A 'Genius' playlist

A 'Genius' playlist

I had a look around on the web for further information regarding the iTunes tool. I found apple’s description of Genius not to be particularly useful It was based more upon a marketing and selling point of view, and described Genius in very simple terms.

However through a google search I was able to find some blogs.

Here’s a blog I found which raves about the new software

‘iTunes Genius is pure genius’

Here’s another blog I found presenting a negative view on ‘Genius’

‘iTunes Genius is not so smart’


Stumble Upon

Stumble upon is another perfect example of multiplicity. Stumble upon is a free website that’s pure objective is to use networking to it’s audiences benefit. When you join stumble upon, it requires you to choose  categories of web content that interest you. These could include just about anything from arts, photo’s, video’s, lifestyle, entertainment, even games. I myself became hooked on a flash game called ‘Too Many Ninjas’ all because Stumble-upon recommended it to me. I also have many youtube ‘favourites’ all recommended to me by Stumble upon. This indicates how accurate stumble upon in finding web content that I enjoy. 

How does stumble upon decide on what I might like? The answer is that stumble upon doesn’t, the makers of Stumble upon wouldn’t have the faintest idea what i’d like. It uses what’s called ‘peer to peer integration’ to create a refferal system. It makes its recommendations based on what other users have liked and indicated that

When stumble upon recomends you a website, it places it’s own toolbar at the top of the page. For example when I choose to ‘Stumble’, it allows me to select a category. I chose ‘Photography’. Below is what it recommended to me. 

Stumble Upon recommending me an online photography collection

Stumble Upon recommending me an online photography collection


Stumble Upon Tool Bar

Stumble Upon Tool Bar

As you can see above, every website stumble upon recommends to you has a toolbar at the top of the screen with seperate buttons basically asking you;

  • ‘Did you like this?’
  • ‘Did you not like this?’
  • ‘Would you like to share this’?

This is how the peer to peer integration system works and it can all happens in a single click. If I were to click ‘I like this’ it will not only find me more of what I like, but also recommend the same webpage to anyone else interested in photography. Rather than stumble-upon searching for specific content that will interest it’s users, it uses networking to help it’s users to help each other. Stumble-upon is  a platform for discovery!




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