Carving Up The World


This week’s topic, Carving up the world. I like to think of it as carving it into little pieces, which for the most part is true. It refers to anything really. Anything with a diverse structure, diverse enough to carve it together over time. It talks about different conventions such as the way in which we do things now as our default option, comapared to another place and another time in history. It also refers to patterns, whether it be of our behaviour, or our interests.

Google Trends is one example that provides us with a sort of data visualisation for changing patterns.

viz[7]Google Trends Search Curve for 'Swine Flu'

As you can see from the data visualisation the google search results of Swine Flu has recent pattern that has changed our behaviours interms of our use of search engines and what it is we want to find more about.


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