API’s & Mashup’s and Pipes and … all that


I say. I thought i had this subject figured after being able to understand the basics of writing codec, now we’ve got things called pipes and API’s. API’s refers to Application Programming Interface. They are are really about sharing data and functionality that way software and interfaces can be used by others in ways we might have never thought possible. Api’s are essentially the building blocks behind programming.

Here’s what’s called an ‘API playground‘ on google

Google's API's

Google's API's

This list’s all the API’s google uses for each of it’s websites such as if you click on the drop down list for youtube it has API’s and structures such as ‘simple embed’, ‘resize player’, as well as being able to customize the appearence of your very own youtube video player. Have a look at this google video made by the google developers.


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  1. Greetings fellow NMP student. Great blog you have going on here. I like your layout and admire your style.

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