First few weeks in Networked Media production


First of all, i’d like to say that I felt somewhat intimidated when I wandered into my first workshop. I had enrolled about a week late and was confronted by stacks of would be “computer genius’s”. Well I use a computer, I edit video and play around with photo’s, but I’ve never made codec or written html, I thought that sort of thing would be way beyond myself. Turns out it wasn’t that difficult after all. All it is was simple codec for structuring webpages, with plenty of cheat sheets available on the web to tell you what codec to use. 

I’ve also started my own blog as part my assessment. Once I started my own blog I surfed around for a while, found some other blogs that interested me. Also  it’s really … well… almost scary to find so many strangers with such enormous levels of honesty when writing blogs. People write about their thoughts, plans, lives and what their interested in into a silent computer. Almost as thought the thought of being watched isn’t there. In all fairness we’d all agree that it would be crazy to yell your personal thoughts out to the world on top of a huge building where everybody can see you. However writing a blog gives you that power, only more power, you can reach out to thousands, maybe even millions! Ofcourse, reaching out to millions isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I might be selective about what I write about.


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